Jun 28, 2012

[iMacros Program] iMacros Script Code Creator

iMacros Script Code Creator

About the Software

The iMacros Code Creator is a simple tool to convert iMacros macros into a scripting language's code fragment that contains the very same macro e.g. in a string variable, cf. screenshot below. The other way round (script -> macro), conversion is supported, too, which makes the software very useful for developers that want to script the iMacros software.
Here's how the iMacros Code Creator looks like on Windows 7:


Currently supported code styles

  • VBS string
  • VB function
  • Javascript string (useful for Firefox scripting)
  • C# string
  • Java string
  • Php string


  • New! Convert macros and Javascript to single URLs (for iMacros' Social Scripting feature)
  • Sample code (VBS only)
  • Links to online code samples
  • iMacros string conversion ("My Documents" --> "My<SP>Documents")
  • Check for updates online


Please submit bugs, feature requests and all other questions by creating a ticket.


Find the download stats here


image and content from http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/imacros-codegen


  1. Very useful software!
    I'm using it to convert IIM to javascript format scripts

    1. did u ever try to call the converted java script from website by one click ?

  2. Free scripts are very useful for people don't have much programming skills.

    Marketplace software


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